At KLAS Infotech, our artificial intelligence services focus on delivering end-to-end projects and help you gain a competitive advantage by developing new, future-ready business applications and solutions. Our team consists of experienced data scientists and consultants who are well-versed in various techniques such as ML, data mining, and using the latest software suites to help build an AI-based system for your business process. We leverage both low-level and high-level object-oriented computer languages and other AI techniques to craft modern processes for your requirements.



AI Solutions

Our team has worked on various important projects and helped to automate tasks in healthcare, quality control, manufacturing, financial services, etc. From developing real-time, neural language-based credit rating systems, to improving process efficiency in QA, to developing chatbots for e-Commerce websites, we have worked on multiple projects ensuring we are always ready to deliver when necessary. Our artificial intelligence development services consist of –



  1. Identify Business Goals
    Our team analyses the requirements as put forward by you as well the existing technologies in place. By identifying your business goals, we can design metrics that can directly measure the effect of AI technology implementation, an extremely crucial step for you to understand how effective your overhauled processes are.
  2. Identify Key Stakeholders
    We identify your key business verticals that will be directly impacted by the implementation of AI processes and take stock of the current capabilities. The features and respective tools are then finalized to ensure the AI process rollout is as smooth as possible.
  3. Set Performance Metrics
    We design the AI tool or process in accordance with your demands and based on the forecasts we created earlier. This ensures the performance can be measured from the get-go and is easy to track.
  4. Technology Implementation
    Based upon your inputs and the incorporation of the right technical tools, we begin implementing the technology step by step while keeping you apprised of the same.
  5. Product Integration
    This is probably one of the most important steps of the development process, as we begin to integrate the product into your business systems while ensuring extremely reduced downtime. Data is also moved from legacy systems without any loss.
  6. Testing and Evaluation
    We evaluate the system architecture for any bugs or glitches and make sure all the ancillary services run well without any issues. If required, all the fixes are fine-tuned and implemented shortly.


We believe artificial intelligence can help you target areas of opportunity and drive your business growth by focusing on true innovation. We help businesses engage and interact on a higher level with their customers while leveraging AI’s predictive and scalable architecture to respond to market changes.


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